Use Cases

Three use cases have been designed and executed to support planning and data analysis including possible satellite/rover joint operations:

Use case 1: Landing site selection

This use case focused on visualizing, analyzing and presenting relevant aspects of research in the landing site selection for past (i.e. Spirit), current (MSL – Mars Science Laboratory) and future (Insight, ExoMars) Mars robotic missions. There is very good coverage by orbital datasets for these sites and it is currently being enhanced by Mars Express and MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) instruments.

Use case 2: Mars atmospheric data analysis and benchmarking

This use case had the scope to visualize, analyze and discuss state of the art research on Mars atmosphere. Global views of Mars were exploited in order to analyze concepts relating to the global circulation like geo-potential maps, time/spatial variations of selected variables and to compare datasets.

Use case 3: Rover target selection

This use case had the scope to visualize, analyze, prepare, execute and discuss the operations of planetary rovers and satellites. The process of collection and visualization of real-time data from the Mars rover was added to this third use case. The rover in Mars is emulated by breadboard into ALTEC Terrain Demonstrator.

The three use cases above are only a subset of all possible scenarios in space exploration missions. They were chosen as they represent a good mix of data analysis, probe operation and close collaboration between scientists and engineers. The CROSS DRIVE project uses these scenarios as a base to derive the requirements of users on data, tools and infrastructure to develop a prototype collaborative workspace as well as a benchmark for evaluating the system.