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D6.10 – Ground Based Mars, CRISM Data

Deliverable: D6.10 – Ground Based Mars, CRISM Data

Shohei Aoki, Marco Giuranna, Francesco Carraro, Paulina Wolkenberg (INAF), Yasumasa Kasaba (Tohoku University)

This document describes the nature and the format of some of the datasets for Use Case 2 execution: SUBARU/IRCS, the MEX/PFS, and the MGS/TES in order to establish dataset in the CrossDrive platform and perform scientific analysis through the VR systems.

Deliverable: D6.6 – Level 1 and Level 2 Data for Selected Instruments

Authors: Marco Giuranna, Paulina Wolkenberg, Shohei Aoki, Francesco Carraro, (INAF), Ann Carine Vandaele, Lori Neary (BIRA)

D5.1 – DEM / Image Data for Use Case 1

Deliverable: D5.1 – DEM / Image Data for Use Case 1

Authors: K. Gwinner (DLR)

Deliverable: D4.12 – Prototypes of the External Public Workspace

Arturo García (SALFORD), Terrence Fernando (SALFORD), David Roberts (SALFORD)

The current document describes the External Public Workspace developed for the CrossDrive project. The project wanted to involve external users into the collaborative sessions as this can be a good way to disseminate the results of the project. Moreover, this is interesting as external knowledge can be brought together with the core users’ expertise in order to obtain new results.

Deliverable: D3.7 – Plans for Using and Disseminating Knowledge (2/3)

Ivano Musso (ALTEC), Michele Cencetti (ALTEC)

D3.4 – Community Portal and Website

Deliverable: D3.4 – Community Portal and Website

Terrence Fernando (SALFORD), Arturo S. García (SALFORD)

D3.1 - Dissemination Plan

Deliverable: D3.1 - Dissemination Plan

Marco Giuranna (INAF); Alessandro Aronica (INAF); Ann C. Vandaele (IASB); David Roberts (SALFORD); Fernando Terrence (SALFORD); Ivano Musso (ALTEC)

Telepresence in Mars

This research results from the combination of the “withyou” telepresence system and the Mars terrain simulator. This demonstrates how space scientists, engineers and mission controllers could discuss Mars missions without the need to travel to single simulation facility in one of the participating countries. The system combines free viewpoint video with immersive projection technology to support non-verbal communication, including eye gaze, inter-personal distance and facial expression.


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